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Re: Nissan BladeGlider - Performance EV Concept

Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:27 am

No BladGlider for you! ...probably.

The future of Nissan according to ex-chief designer Shiro Nakamura

...Will the three-seat Bladeglider concept ever be produced?

“Bladeglider is just an experiment, it’s not planned for production. Even if we can produce the right number at the right price, I don’t know if the market is big enough. It’s an interesting car, though – a real three-seater.”...

But on the positive side, confirmation of multiple BEVs...Soon?:

...Can we expect more electric models in addition to the Leaf?

“There will be many types of EVs in the future. The Leaf is a model, not a brand. As for other electric models, yes – a saloon, an SUV, but a sports car is difficult. EVs are not only for Nissan, but also for Infiniti. A new Leaf is coming, followed by some other body type.”...

https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/indu ... o-nakamura

Your guess is a goood as mine over whether this is significant, but at ~ 1:20 into the video below, the CCS (Euro) charge port is shown on the BladeGlider...

Exclusive test ride in Batmobile

In 2013, Nissan presented the BladeGlider in Tokyo. Four years later, AUTO BILD drives the 268-PS-Keil exclusively on the racetrack. A fascinating one Ride on the razor blade...

http://www.autobild.de/videos/video-nis ... 86401.html
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