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Re: Official Honda Clarity FCEV/BEV/PHEV thread

Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:27 pm

DarthPuppy wrote:I'm now seeing Clarity's on the road in So. Cal. on a more regular basis. :D

I don't think I've seen the FCEV version yet, but kind of hard to tell them apart unless close enough to read the labeling or see the driver's side to see which fuel ports are there. (FCEV has a single rear door, EV has a single front door, and PHEV has one of each.)

I've been seeing them a fair bit, but like you unless I'm on the left side I've got to be close enough to read the badging on the front fenders to tell one from another, as I haven't figured out any other distinguishing marks. I've seen all three varieties, and I'm pretty sure there are local examples of the FCEV and BEV, with the FCEV more common. Not sure whether the PHEV I saw was just passing through or not, but I expect to see a lot more of them. There are a ton of Chevy Volt 2s around here (Gen 1s also), and the Clarity PHEV is the Volt's direct competition.
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