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Re: Nissan's e-Power range-extended Note BEV, for sale by 11/16 in Japan?

Tue May 02, 2017 6:40 pm

edatoakrun wrote:The Note is still outselling the Prius:

Safer and lower emission cars boosted Nissan sales in Japan

...in the first quarter of the year, the Nissan Note jumped from 5th to first place – beating the Toyota Prius – and the Nissan Serena went from 10th to 5th – not very distant from the 4th.

Truth to be said, both the e-Power system and the ProPILOT technology are just small steps in the right direction of a zero-emissions, zero-fatality mobility....

http://pushevs.com/2017/05/01/safer-low ... les-japan/

edatoakrun wrote:...Any one else interested in a semi-autonomous Nissan truck or SUV equipped with e-Power and a ~30 kWh battery pack?

I want a 4wd truck, no need for an on-board charger.

Hmm lower price and better acceleration, go figure

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