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2018 launch Audi E-tron BESUV. Official thread?

Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:28 am

Audi has the habit of calling every BEV and PHEV, prototype or production "E-tron", but the gallery at the link below shows camo photos of the first production BEV Audi will offer, about one year from now:
Electric Audi E-tron SUV to race Jaguar I-Pace to market

On-road development is well under way for Audi’s first EV SUV, which is due on sale next year with a 310-mile range

Audi is racing to get its E-tron SUV to market ahead of the Jaguar I-Pace in a bid to secure the title of the first premium electric SUV.

Spotted on the continent wearing full-body camouflage, the SUV’s all-electric drivetrain is signalled by its lack of tailpipes.

The car’s design looks to have been toned down compared with the E-tron Quattro concept (see gallery)...

A senior Audi executive previously told Autocar that beating the I-Pace to market would make it the “first real premium manufacturer doing a premium electric SUV”. This title could be important in kick-starting sales.

The E-tron, predicted to have a range of at least 500km (311 miles), is built on a development of the electrified platform Porsche is using for its Mission E electric saloon. It is powered by three electric motors, two of which drive the rear wheels while one powers the fronts.

This set-up was seen in the E-tron quattro concept of 2015, which offered maximum combined outputs of 496bhp and 590lb ft. It enabled a 0-62mph time of 4.5sec and a restricted top speed of 131mph – previewing what’s to come with the production model.

This set-up will also be used in a second all-electric SUV model, which itself was previewed by the E-tron Sportback concept shown at this year’s Shanghai motor show. It features a more swept-back design and will make it to market one year after its sibling.

Audi has previously said that the E-tron SUV will “cost about the same as a well-specced Audi A6”, suggesting it will have a price point of at least £60,000. The second SUV may top that figure.

2018 launch

Audi sales and marketing boss Dietmar Voggenreiter said that Audi has chosen to launch the E-tron next year because that is when battery technology will be mature enough to offer a range of more than 500km (311 miles). This figure is “crucial”, he said, because consumers won’t accept less...

https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new- ... ace-market

I'm more interested in the I-PACE myself, based both on the indications of a lower price, and my own ownership (of ancient models) from both Marques.

Jaguar I-PACE BESUV available 2018

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Re: 2018 launch Audi E-tron BESUV. Official thread?

Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:42 pm

Via GCR:
Audi details battery for 2019 e-tron electric SUV

. . . For its first mass-produced battery-electric pack, Audi designed a flat sandwich of 432 cells that live under the 2019 e-tron’s floor, between its front and rear axles and electric motors. (The e-tron, for reference, sits between the current Q5 and Q7 SUVs in size.) Thirty-five bolts connect the battery box to the body.

The battery pack measures 5.3 feet wide, 13.4 inches high, and 7.5 feet long, roughly the size of a queen bed. The mostly flat pack has a higher section that sits under the e-tron’s rear seat, where Audi packages additional battery capacity. In all, the pack weighs some 715 kg, or more than 1,573 pounds.

In all, there are 36 battery modules in each pack, each about the size of a shoe box. In each module, Audi nestles 12 pouch-style 60-ah (3.5-volt) cells, for a total of 432 cells. Each of those cells is the size of a bag of coffee. Audi chose the flexible pouch-type cells over prismatic cells in the e-tron’s pack. Audi engineers say the pouch-type cells may cool a bit better than prismatic cells, which may package better. Otherwise, in cost and complexity, Audi says the cell types compete well on price, and that it will use both types in the future.

Audi has no EPA ratings on range yet, but the 95-kwh pack earns a WLTP test-cycle rating of 400 km, or 248.5 miles. . . .

If I've done the math correctly that works out to ~1257 liters, or an energy density of only 75.6 Wh/liter, and a specific energy of 133 Wh/kg. The specific energy is in the right ballpark (Bolt 140 Wh/kg; M3 (150Wh/kg), but the energy density is pretty low.
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Re: 2018 launch Audi E-tron BESUV. Official thread?

Sun Apr 22, 2018 3:18 am

Here's a decent video linked by InsideEVs on the latest E-tron incantation:

The battery is liquid-cooled and has a capacity of 95 kWh.
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Re: 2018 launch Audi E-tron BESUV. Official thread?

Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:36 am

So this is on our radar now as a potential replacement for the C-Max Energi.

The Energi has convinced me I don’t want another parallel hybrid. Was hoping for the Voltec MPV5 to materialize, but it seems a no-show. When our Model 3 reservation came up to configure, my wife said she would drive the Bolt and I could have the M3. As bad as I want Supercharging, it won’t be at the expense of driving a sedan. No data on the Tesla Y yet except for the useless front selfie. I like the iPace, but my wife is not that jazzed with the design. When I showed her the picture of the (non-camouflage) eTron SUV, no hesitation;

“That thing is beautiful! That’s what I want.”


Kinda big, and could do with 1 motor 2WD vs 3 motor AWD eating into the interior space, but I’ve almost given up on the “Murano BEV” target.
A lot yet to learn as it seems like every manufacturer has some kind of SUV/CUV BEV ready to launch in the next couple of years.

But definitely watching.
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Re: 2018 launch Audi E-tron BESUV. Official thread?

Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:45 am

With that low, 'squashed' design, how is it different from a sedan?
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