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Re: Subaru Chief Designer Says Automakers First EV Will Be Based Off Existing Car, Coming 2020

Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:08 pm

Aside from a different floor pan stamping to accommodate the battery pack is there anything really all that unique about the structure of an EV vs an ICE?

They may just have meant they are planning on it looking like one of their "normal" cars, which is probably a good thing. No point incurring additional tooling costs just to create an EV-dorkmobile that further distances the technology from mainstream buyers.
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Re: Subaru Chief Designer Says Automakers First EV Will Be Based Off Existing Car, Coming 2020

Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:49 pm

RegGuheert wrote:
RegGuheert wrote:They fill a niche for those who only care about utility and put their own needs far above those of the environment.
GRA wrote:As to what Subaru people care about, utility, safety, reliability and good gas mileage (preferably zero emissions) given AWD, at a moderate cost.
You've made my point exactly:

2018 Toyota Prius: 52 MPG
2018 Subaru Forester AWD: 28 MPG

Subarus use nearly twice as much fuel all the time for the 0.5% of the time when people want to entertain themselves.

Uh huh, and when exactly will AWD be available in the Prius? As it is, we've finally (2+ years late) gotten the first relatively affordable AWD PHEV now that the Outlander is arriving, and we still don't have an affordable AWD BEV.

As for what priority the environment has in people's choices, anyone who has chosen to have children when they have the means to prevent that is in no position to lecture anybody else about putting their own needs "far above those of the environment," given the resources that will be used throughout each of those children's lives to feed, clothe, house, transport, educate, employ, entertain and provide medical care for them, especially if they expect to enjoy an American standard of living. And if they have kids . . .

The problem with putting yourself on a pedestal is that it makes you a better target.
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