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Re: BMW Batteries Have 15-Year Life In EVs

Sat Jun 02, 2018 5:43 am

goldbrick wrote:Wow, great answer and thanks for sharing your insights. I'm sure the design/build/ship pipeline is very long for automobiles and the fixed costs have to be huge but still, it's interesting that Nissan is doing it so poorly. It will be interesting what the 2019 looks like.

And good luck with your project. I have 7.5 years left on my warranty so I consider it Nissan's problem, not mine, but I'd love to see you succeed as I'm sure most of these cars will far out-live their batteries.

All I can add is DITTO. I drive my Leaf like a go cart - my wife hates it, but my Grandkids love it! If you can tell me how to upgrade to a decent battery system pack in a few years, I'll give it a try. Please do keep in mind, however, I MUST HAVE BIDIRECTIONAL CHADEMO to use in my rural property solar system for emergency use - something like Pika Energy solar/storage DC bus design. BTW, please hurry, in my 70's.
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