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IEVS: Hyundai Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up 138% In August 2018

Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:30 pm

. . . Hyundai is producing and selling more plug-in electric cars than a year ago – in August, manufacturer’s sales amounted to 3,243, which is almost 138% more than in August 2017.

However, the result is almost 1,000 lower than the peaks in June and July, so the plug-in share out of overall volume decreased to 2.3%.

Sales by model:

IONIQ Electric – 1,657
IONIQ Plug-In – 623
Kona Electric – 956
Sonata Plug-In – 7

We should be especially disappointed by the Kona Electric number – 956, compared to 2,196 in June and 1,775 in July. The main question is why the production/sales decrease when there are so many orders and the car was well received in the reviews?

So far this year, Hyundai sold 24,908 plug-in electric cars worldwide.

There are graphs. I wonder if the Kona sales drop is due to shipping to and and stocking cars in the U.S. (we can hope).
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