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GCR: Production Sono Sion solar-assisted car makes appearance

Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:25 pm

German crowd-funded start-up. 4 door hatch "about the size of a Kia Soul". 1+ kW of PV on top and sides of car, adds up to 21 mpd, but probably about 12 mpd average in Munich. 35kWh battery, 159 mile WLTP range, 161 HP, 214 lb. ft. torque, top speed 87 mph, 50kW CCS, 7.6 kW V2G-capable charging. Price about $28,765, but can lease the battery pack instead and reduce the up-front price.

I think usefully-sized PV* like this makes a lot of sense on EVs, as if nothing else it can run the HVAC on sunny days, pre-condition the interior, cool the battery etc., boosting the range. For someone like me who often leaves his car parked for a week or more, there would be little need to pay to charge (other than doing so upfront and on road trips), and people with shorter commutes in sunnier climes would need little or no extra charging for routine use either. Who knows if this car will reach production, but the basic idea's good.

*Not a token PV module like the one on the LEAF SL.
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