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Re: Official smart fortwo electric drive thread

Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:09 pm

redLEAF wrote:
GRA wrote:
redLEAF wrote:We’re taking another look at the latest Smart Fortwo (available now ONLY as an EV in the US from here on out) as the lease rates are so low at $139/mo that it may replace my wife’s ‘14 smart cabrio. If we end up with one we’ll be sure to post it here - she has a quite short work commute (7 mile round trip) so a local commuter EV at this price point could make a lot of sense. Anyone else opt for a 2nd gen smart ED (of course the latest has dropped the ED moniker and have a simple ‘electric drive’ script on the front and no plug outline on the Tridion frame anymore but I digress). Smart cars aren’t for everyone but do still fit a niche - this would be our 3rd and could actually be the best one, we’ll see ...

IDK what the route, traffic and general safety conditions are like on your wife's commute, but 7 miles RT is ideal for a bike commute. Granted, it's not great in winter in your area, but there are e-trikes with enclosed cockpits. Not thinking a bike or pedelec is a likely choice for her, but thought I'd throw it out there just in case it hadn't occurred to either of you. Most people have become so trained to think that personal commute vehicle = car that other options never occur to them. I do remember the woman here a long while back who announced she'd just gotten a LEAF for her one mile (2 RT) commute, and I've always wondered if she fell into that category.

Haven't been through any REALLY cold weather 'eh? ... let me know how that would work for you -- not really an option plus we're in the 'burbs so some roads have a decent space for bike traffic and/or sidewalks and some do not; not really all that safe. Unlike one of my sons cities (Nashua, NH) our 'burb is not very 'walkable' or designed with bike paths its really car dependent --- plus, if her work commute was all she needed to do on a daily basis and not go shopping, etc. maybe we might consider it for 3-seasons -- in any case, we ended up doing a 3-year single payment lease using the '14 smart against it -- opted for the lowest mileage (7,500/yr). They had a very nice 10th Anniversary Sapphire blue metallic coupe that was indeed a whole generation+ better than either of the two prior smarts we owned -- its wider (more elbow room), smoother over bumps (wider tires all around) and much more seamless (single speed EV) to drive plus as we're about to have a solar panel system installed on our house will soon cost nothing to run. Links below to photos f the model we're leasing: <snip>

Glad you've found something to work for you. I've been in fairly cold temps, including X-C skiing (reasonably comfortably) at 18F dressed in nothing but shorts, socks, boots, gaiters, fingerless bike gloves and a ball cap, and (wearing more clothes) down to well below zero, but I have an odd metabolism and most people wouldn't be comfortable doing so. But I do know of people who bike commute/run errands year-round in Minnesota and similar iceboxes, although you have to be a really dedicated rider to do so (I don't put myself in that category), and I wasn't suggesting that it would work for your wife or most people. And as you note, traffic conditions, and probably more importantly someone's willingness to ride in it, vary widely.
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