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Re: Tesla Supercharger Network

Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:47 pm

WetEV wrote:GRA average post per day, mostly FUD at electric cars or promotion of hydrogen: 3.50 posts per day
WETEV average post per day, widely ranging across topics, answering people's questions and more: 0.94 posts per day

Your only interest in electric cars is finding an alternative to any car car: ie bicycles for everyone. "New Urbanism".

Uh, no, as perusal of my posts will show, I post on a wide range of topics:

I don't try and force the choices I've made on anyone; that doesn't work. I will suggest options that I think will work for someone, especially if I think they may not have considered them, but everyone will have their own priorities and make their own choices. Answering people's questions? I do lots of that as well, although less so than when this forum was new and there were so many people with no experience of deep-cycle battery-based systems and their foibles. Here's an example of my approach, in that and my subsequent posts in that topic:
GRA wrote:
IssacZachary wrote:

I still keep throwing around the idea of a new Prime though. I still see some for around $25,000, which with the tax credits could put it at $15,000. If I can sell the Beetle for around $7,000 too I would just about break even in the end!

If you can swing that I think it would be an excellent way to go. An Ionic PHEV lists even less, and looks more normal. Worth comparing, and you might want to look at the Niro PHEV as well, which should be priced in the same range as the Prime.

I do post a fair amount about FCEVs/H2, but it's tech I'm interested in and only a few others here are, so my posts on the subject tend to outnumber everyone else's. Many if not most of my posts in those areas are replies to others like yourself who have negative views of the two tech's chances for commercial success (I consider it difficult but not impossible, and worth pursuing for now), and are merely repetitive arguments between us.
Guy [I have lots of experience designing/selling off-grid AE systems, some using EVs but don't own one. Local trips are by foot, bike and/or rapid transit].

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