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Re: Tesla Supercharger Network

Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:07 pm

Tesla is shifting to CCS. European Model 3 will have CCS socket (Combo2, similar to Combo1 for US market).
All SuperChargers (with time) on our continent will be retrofitted with CCS cable. Preparations are already in progress.
Model S and X owners will be able to get (soon) CCS adapter so they could use public 50-350kW charging networks
like Model 3.

I suspect Tesla will start shipping Model S/X with CCS socket as soon as 90+% Supercharger locations will have CCS available.
Maybe somewhere mid 2019. I'm absolutely sure Tesla will not have two sockets forever.

Question is, when will switch happen in US/Canada :geek:
Question 2 - who is the first shaking hands with Tesla on SuperCharger network access?

Image ... s-model-x/

Just a remark. Teslas with CCS socket will not be able to use current ChaDeMo adapter.
I suspect CCS-ChaDeMo adapter will not be made due to redundancy (most charging stations have both, ChaDeMo is slowly abandoned.
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Re: Tesla Supercharger Network

Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:38 pm

Still a pretty nice slope going.

Looking forward to spring building. I hope they get the Canada route done by summer time (but I have my doubts).


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