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Re: Thread for suggested locations for Nissan Charge Stations?

Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:42 am


If you're only charging at Ecotricity rapids at motorway service stations, you don't need a cable at all. They have tethered cables.

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Re: Thread for suggested locations for Nissan Charge Stations?

Mon May 29, 2017 2:35 pm

I suggest Nissan consider building some stations between Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and Tucson, AZ, USA. One rationale is that Hermosillo does now seem to have a Leaf-oriented Nissan dealership and a little bit of charge infrastructure. Also: there is a lot of construction going on Mexico route 15 between Hermosillo and Nogales, AZ, USA. It might be a good time to negotiate to include some public EVSE. There is also a Nissan dealership in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico which I think eventually should be certified as a leaf dealer, and so why not do this sooner rather than later (especially with Nogales, Sonora having so many potential drivers). can give an idea of the route, and what is already there along this route:

This route is one that people travel for pleasure (visiting the beaches) and for business. I don't really know if it will be profitable in the near-term to put stations up, but I do think it could be worthwhile to sell Leafs in Nogales, Sonora and then to explore the question of building out dc quick charging from these Leaf cities.

As I understand it, in general Nissan has a very strong presence in Mexico.
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Re: Thread for suggested locations for Nissan Charge Stations?

Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:41 pm

Do all Nissan dealers prohibit charging after-hours? Or is it a dealer-by-dealer policy?

For me, the most useful new DCFC locations would be at the fringe of the metro area, where the "beltway" crosses arterial freeways. Having DCFC at the edge of the metro would open-up a much larger area where I could drive (e.g. to destinationts 40 miles out from the beltway). The most useful time for using these stations would be evenings/weekends, when I am traveling.

Coincidently, many Nissan dealerships are located in similar areas: along the beltway, near arterial traffic corridors. Many dealers already have a DCFC station. Unfortunately, these charging stations are usually not available to customers outside of business hours.

These charging locations are a sunk cost to the dealer, and could provide a valuable service to customers. Nissan should request of its dealers that they make these chargers available in the evenings, when customers are traveling: if not 24x7, then at-least during typical driving hours (e.g. 6am-midnight).

- Some dealers may have their parking lot blocked-off at night; in these cases the charging station could be moved to a better location. (Note: none of the dealers in my metro area block their parking lot in the evening, and certainly not their service bay. Maybe the auto mechanics in Mayberry still go home at 5pm, but not here).
- Dealers often need to plug-in a Leaf overnight to have it "fresh and ready" for delivery or a test-drive appointment in the morning. A Level 2 charging station is inexpensive and better suited to that task.

Other benefits
- Placing quick chargers near the service department will increase customer awareness of the valuable services which the dealership can provide.

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