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Re: I Want my (fast) DC!

Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:15 am

What?? Bet on common sense in Washington (DC)?

EV proliferation/fast charging combined with (hopefully soon) major upticks in battery capacity and V2H and/or V2G to allow significant early morning load shifting based on EV use profiles, could significantly improve our existing US energy structure.

In the 9 months I've owned my Leaf, I've had many thoughtful questions/discussions about the usefulness of a 60 mile range EV. Most would try an EV IF the range was 100 - 150 miles plus, lots of 15-30 min charge stations and a cost competitive with inexpensive compacts. Tough combination, but likely a natural progression to that end.
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Re: I Want my (fast) DC!

Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:35 am

Progress for Highways 50 and 80 in Central California:

...A new corridor of 30-minute fast-charge stations launched Monday in Northern California. When it’s fully operational next spring, it’ll include more than 20 locations between Monterey and Lake Tahoe... ... alifornia/

...installation of the 50 fast chargers along the corridor is expected to be completed by March 2017... ... california

Map of charge sites:

Some of the sites on that map are already on plugshare-such as the Four-charger site at El Dorado Hills:

Nice to see a semi-governmental program actually get things done.

Who is funding the project?
As part of its mission to improve energy conservation and promote new energy technologies, Japan’s largest public research and development management organization — New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) — is funding “DRIVETHEARC” project...

Too bad very little is being done by our own government or any other entities to provide public DC on the rest of america's interstate highways.

edatoakrun wrote:Do you think this updated announcement (I think the route map is new) amounts to just an extension of the present DC infrastructure east of Sacramento, or maybe something more?

I hope that something was lost in translation in the release below, and that the new DC stations will actually provide opportunities for large numbers of DC Capable BEVs to charge simultaneously (providing reliability) that they will be located where BEV drivers want to use other facilities and that the guidance will allow those seeking DC charging to easily filter out the masses of slow AC sites and unreliable or unavailable DC charge sites.

If you click the link and look at the central California routes mapped, ~only the highway 50 and 80 routes from Sacramento to Tahoe are still lacking DC charge sites (such as they are) so let's hope the new stations proposed on those and the eastern routes are not just more of the same.

NEDO asks Nissan and Kanematsu to analyze EV use in California

...The NEDO project will seek to encourage the use of electric vehicles for longer distances and inter-city driving by installing and maintaining multiple quick chargers along specific inter-city routes. Nissan and Kanematsu will collect and analyze data on EV driving patterns in California, and create a suitable model to help promote more extensive use of electric vehicles in the state and beyond.

With the help of the California state government, and U.S. utility company NRG eVgo*, Nissan and Kanematsu plan to place additional quick chargers at suitable locations along inter-city freeways in Northern California, and use project-specific information services to guide EV users to the most efficient chargers along the route. The companies will then assess whether the combined hardware/software model can successfully encourage users to drive longer distances in EVs.
Nissan's role in the project will be to install and operate the quick chargers, and analyze any changes in EV use that result ... e.html?rss
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