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Re: Tesla's autopilot, on the road

Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:38 pm

jlv wrote:
Oils4AsphaultOnly wrote:It's a torque sensor, so you just have to jiggle the wheel, not hold it tighter.
I know; if I hold it slightly tighter my grip is enough to supply enough feedback to the torque sensor.

I just tried EAP this morning and it starts to nag MUCH earlier! I've resorted to holding the wheel with both hands in the 10 & 2 position, or resting my wrist in the 7 & 5 position. Either positions eliminated the nags, but not my cup-o-tea. Lucky for me, that I like driving the model 3 so much, but this EAP change is a huge negative.
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Re: Tesla's autopilot, on the road

Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:38 pm

LeftieBiker wrote:Some automakers were ahead of the curve. In the Sixties (and even the Fifties!) Volvo was equipping their cars with three point lap & shoulder belts, padded dashboards, locking seatbacks, front crumple zones... My Dad switched from driving Morris Minors (sp?) to Volvos after a bad crash in a Morris in the early Sixties seriously injured my Mom, and I grew up riding in several Volvo models - along with the requisite American station wagon with more room but less safety.

Yes, they were. Dad's final downselect in '76 was between the Peugeot 504D and a Volvo 244GL. He opted for the Peugeot because it was a diesel, and he didn't want to have to wait in lines for gas ever again. It got considerably better mileage (real-world 30 mpg Hwy) than the Volvo as well, even though the Volvo had electric O/D and the 504 just had a straight 4-spd. stick. With only 65 Hp I have my doubts that the 504D could even maintain freeway speed in an O/D fifth gear - if there was more than a slight grade it would start to slow down, and on I-80 going up to Tahoe I'd be in 3rd in the truck lane, at truck speed. :lol:
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Re: Tesla's autopilot, on the road

Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:24 pm

jlv wrote:I just got 2018.21.9 two days ago and will be taking a 1000 mi trip next week. We'll see if this is really annoying.

The problem is I get the nags even though I'm already holding the wheel -- just not putting enough pressure on it continuously.

Yeah, that might not work well for you. I just drove 350 mi with the latest AP SW on the Model 3. No "nag" problem for me. My hand position etc must be compatible with the more sensitive nag. I do like the seeing the cars in other lane. Now if they'd just add those to the blind spot areas behind and make the lane changing not so timid, I'd be good with this update i think.

See if you can detect less stable lane keeping. I think this version weaves a tiny bit more.
Got a test drive queued up for a LEAF 2.0. Curious how Nissan's "AP" compares.

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Re: Tesla's autopilot, on the road

Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:09 am

Interestingly enough, in a few short drives with the latest AP and found it gave me less spurious nags than I used used to. I didn't take it for a long drive yet , so that will be the real test. I had to leave my hands off the wheel altogether (something I never otherwise do) to get it to nag me at all, and it took about 30s for the nag to appear.
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