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Re: Autonomous Vehicles, LEAF and others...

Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:35 pm

GRA wrote: Edmunds' video comparison test of Tesla's AP2.0 in a Model 3 and Cadillac's Supercruise in a CT6: <snip>

their Editor-in-chief says, after first praising the fact that AP was updated to fix the specific problem identified in the first video and that it was done OTA, goes on to say
But it also reveals the extent to which customers like us are being used as Guinea pigs on a safety critical system. . . Yes, Tesla litters the handbook with caveats. And yes, they describe Autosteer as a beta system. But Autopilot was launched back in October 2014. At what point does it stop being beta?

A good question, but I believe the wrong one. I think the correct question is "When is it acceptable for a manufacturer to use members of the public to test immature, safety-of-life critical systems, with or without their consent?" IMO the correct answer to that question is "Never".

CR (and the NTSB back in September) weigh in with the same criticisms about AP, via IEVS:
Guy [I have lots of experience designing/selling off-grid AE systems, some using EVs but don't own one. Local trips are by foot, bike and/or rapid transit].

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