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Re: Questions about 2007 Prius

Sat May 27, 2017 7:48 pm

sub3marathonman wrote:
GerryAZ wrote: a 2007 Prius that seems to be burning a lot of oil. I don't think it is leaking because there are no spots where it is parked. It only has 180k miles on it and the engine sounds fine,
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I think that's basically it. Even in the linked Priuschat thread, Patrick Wong, who is a very knowledgeable Prius enthusiast...
Another person here is Cwerdna, others who were very knowledgeable and helpful have left the forums unfortunately in the intervening years.

Thanks. Yeah, Patrick Wong is definitely one of the Prius repair and maintenance experts. I have only a tiny fraction of his knowledge in that department. I may not totally agree w/him on definitions of end of life, but he's definitely an expert on what I mentioned.

Yeah, my interests have shifted from Prius over to EVs/PHEVs, esp. Leaf w/most former Priuschat time spent here on MNL and then some. Oh well. People change. It's also partly related to my Prius mostly sitting idle now since my Leaf is my primary car and lack of interest in Gen 4 Prius due to its awful styling. :( My current day job also keeps me quite busy and some of my personal priorities have shifted.

Prior to leasing my 1st Leaf at end of July 2013, I was taking a break for a few years in between jobs. At certain points, I was taking some classes and doing some job hunting, but let's just say I had a LOT more free time than now.

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Re: Questions about 2007 Prius

Sat May 27, 2017 8:14 pm

sub3marathonman wrote:
GerryAZ wrote:Lots of information in the thread LeftieBiker linked. I will check PCV and recommend oil change with heavier oil followed by frequent dipstick checks.

I would hesitate to deviate from the Prius approved oil viscosity. I believe, but don't remember for certain, that you can do 10W-40 in the summer, but other than that you could be creating more problems than you're solving.

Gerry was going to use 10W-40 in a hot climate. I did suggest 15W-50 full synthetic as a last resort, but again, it's a hot climate...

There is an old-school way of telling bad valves from bad rings: you do a cold compression test, with all plugs and the air filter out, and you record the readings. Then you add about a tablespoon of heavy gear oil (SAE 80 or 90 weight) to each cylinder through the plug holes, and repeat the test. If the readings only rise slightly, it's likely valves. If the readings shoot up a lot, it's the rings. (If the reading is fine to start with, of course, then it's neither and you skip the second part!)
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