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Re: Star Trek: Discovery (possible spoilers)

Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:50 am

I'm now in Vegas for the "con". I ended up taking a bus. I took ... ion-886932 which I hadn't heard of about a day before. I gotta take Greyhound back. GH works FAR better for my schedule but the LA bus depot I have to wait for almost 3 hours on before take another bus is kinda sketchy and in a bad part of LA.

As I posted in another forum:
They had a nice mirror universe "museum" w/the emperor's "throne" and various weapons, insignia and uniforms from that universe. Looks like the items were identical to the ones at ... -comic-con.

Jason Isaacs was a bit hard to understand from the front due to acoustics/echoes and his accent. I tried to ask Jason Isaacs the first question and either he blew me off (and maybe couldn't answer/wasn't allowed) or honestly couldn't hear it. I asked if we'll see "good" Lorca in the 2nd season. He said something like "bad mic, can't hear". I asked again and asked if this is the last we've seen of Lorca. He blew me off (I don't even remember the reply) and moved onto the mic on the other side! :O

The two folks behind me asked me "what happened?" and were surprised. I just shrugged and said maybe he can't answer.

Was surprised to learn that he was pitched the role and originally turned it down, so he claims. In the process of being convinced that he wouldn't just be in the shadows of Kirk, he knew going in that he'd be from the evil parallel universe.

I was surprised to meet a few folks at the con who hadn't seen ST: D. Was having dinner at a Thai restaurant and it turned out 4 or 5 people to my left were attending the con. One of them hadn't seen ST: D (they didn't want to have to pay for CBS All Access).

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Re: Star Trek: Discovery (possible spoilers)

Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:44 pm

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