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Re: Solar storm watch

Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:35 pm

evnow wrote:
AndyH wrote:The point of science it to explore and expand the knowns in a methodical way. A scientist with a closed mind is worthless, yes? Science has been exploring other parts of the human condition for a very long time - and within the last 10 or so years quantum physicists have come half way around to meeting parapsychologists coming the other way. ;)

If & when they meet - and we have established science, I'll change my view.

The basic way science works is by being sceptical about claims not yet proven.

Found this item this evening. It (among other papers and experiences) makes me think that we'll not have 'established science' until well after there's a critical mass of people laughing at the deniers. (That's not correct, though, as there's plenty of science.)

Here's an example of the damage perpetuated by closed minds. This doesn't bode well for 'science'...

Blackburn (1) recently noted that many of our most talented young people are "turned off" to science: as a solution, he proposed that we recognize the validity of a more sensuous-intuitive approach to nature, treating it as complementary to the classical intellectual approach.

I have seen the same rejection of science by many of the brightest students in California, and the problem is indeed serious. Blackburn's analysis is valid, but not deep enough. A more fundamental source of alienation is the widespread experience of altered states of consciousness (ASC's) by the young, coupled with the almost total rejection of the knowledge gained during the experiencing of ASC's by the scientific establishment. Blackburn himself exemplifies this rejection when he says: "Perhaps science has much to learn along this line from the disciplines, as distinct from the content, of Oriental religions" (my italics).

States of Consciousness and State-Specific Sciences, Charles Tart, Published in Science, 1972, Vol. 176, 1203-1210.

Let me know if you'd like to be a target for a remote viewing experiment. ;)

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