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Re: EPA Wants to Know How Much Corn You Want In Your Gas

Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:02 am

Ethanol, per se, isn't necessarily a bad thing. But using precious crop land and high-CO2, soil-destructive methods to produce it is insanity.
I noticed you're still working with polymers.

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Re: Good Facts to know about Ethanol

Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:52 am

lkkms2 wrote:"Good" Facts to Know about Ethanol. Nice to have alternatives to regular gasoline.

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Much of the ethanol produced in this country requires roughly the equivalent amount of fossil fuels to grow it. As a result, we are merely wasting farmland at great expense. The ethanol produced causes our ICEVs to wear out prematurely as a result.

Note that installing an acre of PV in the desert allows you to drive 1,000,000 per year versus 10,000 miles on an acre of ethanol from Iowa farmland and at 1/5 the cost.

Let's use farmland to grow food, not to subsidize farmers. If we find we have any extra farmland, let's use it to grow cotton to form the electrodes of advanced rapid-charging Li-ion batteries for transportation.
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