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Truck diesel PM emissions at Port of Oakland down 98% in past decade; ship emissions down 75%

Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:03 pm

Via GCC: ... wn-75.html

. . . The results indicate the Port is advancing its 2008 commitment to reduce seaport-related diesel health risk by 85% by the year 2020.

The Port said that an analysis of the 2015 Emissions Inventory shows a 76% decrease in total diesel emissions at the Oakland Seaport.

According to the Port’s study, truck Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) emissions have decreased from 16 tons in 2005 to 0.4 tons in 2015. Overall DPM emissions decreased from 261 tons to 63 tons. DPM exposure has been linked to increasing health risk for lung cancer.

The Port listed a number of contributing factors to its emissions improvements:

    a $38-million grant program to upgrade and replace the oldest trucks operating at the Port;
    a ban on trucks that aren’t compliant with statewide emissions requirements;
    shipping lines switching to cleaner burning, low sulfur fuel; and
    a $60-million project to construct a power grid that ships can plug into at berth rather than relying on auxiliary diesel engines. . . .

The breakdown of Diesel Particulate Matter emissions improvement:

    Trucks - DPM down 98%
    Locomotives - DPM down 89%
    Cargo handling equipment - DPM down 82%
    Ocean going vessels - DPM down 75%
    Harbor Craft - DPM down 53% . . . .
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