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Volkswagen Group converting Wolfsburg power stations from coal to gas; €400M investment

Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:22 pm

Via GCC:
The Volkswagen Group Board of Management has decided that the Group's two major power stations in Wolfsburg are to be changed over from hard coal to natural gas firing. In the course of this project, several new combined-cycle systems are to be installed as replacements for the existing coal-fired boilers. About €400 million (US$492 million) is to be invested in this project and the new facilities are to be commissioned between 2021 and 2022.

The new high-efficiency gas turbines to be installed at the Wolfsburg power stations will durably reduce carbon dioxide emissions for heat and power generation by about 1.5 million tonnes per year. This corresponds to the current annual CO2 output of about 870,000 vehicles and represents a reduction of almost 60% compared with the previous emissions of the power stations at Wolfsburg. . . .

At the Heizkraftwerk Nord/Süd power station—a landmark of the Wolfsburg plant—Volkswagen plans to replace the coal-fired boilers by a combined-cycle (gas and steam turbine) system and three hot water boilers. In the future, these facilities will generate about 136 megawatts of electric power and about 386 megawatts of heat energy.

In addition, two further combined-cycle units are to be installed in the current coal storage area next to the Heizkraftwerk West power station and will then generate about 288 megawatts of electric power and about 265 megawatts of heat energy. . . .

    The new facilities will not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions but will also drastically lower water consumption, waste volumes and other emissions – by an average of about 50 percent. This way, we also help to reduce local pollutant concentrations.

    —Stephan Krinke, Head of Environmental Affairs of the Volkswagen Group. . . .
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