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GCC: US households took fewer vehicle trips in 2017

Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:42 pm

The average number of vehicle trips made by a household in a year’s time was 1,865 in 2017—an average of 5 household trips per day (one-way)—according to data from the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, National Household Travel Survey. That figure is 10% lower than the previous survey year, 2009, and 20% lower than the 1995 survey.

In 2017 there were fewer trips per household for work, shopping, other family/personal errands, and social and recreational purposes. The rise in internet shopping, telecommuting, and social networking via the internet may be a factor in the decline, as total trips per household has been declining since 1995. . . .

There's a bar graph for years from 1969 to 2017, broken down to show type of trip: commuting, shopping, other family/personal errands, social/recreation and other.
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