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GCC: Study: 1 out of 3 new trucks will need to be electric or zero-emission by 2030 if EU to meet Paris commitments

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:30 pm
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. . . The study found that meeting an intermediate CO2 reduction target for the EU road freight sector for 2030 consistent with the 1.5 deg. C goal from the COP21 Paris agreement will likely require the combined impacts of:
  • Improved logistics to reduce vehicle kilometers;

    The full available potential for reduced fuel consumption in conventional HDVs together with an increased share of sustainably produced biofuels or other low-CO2 fuels; plus

    An additional contribution from employing zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) in the road freight sector.
The study found that CO2 emissions from conventional HDVs can be reduced by 2030 by 28% (excluding trailer-based measures) to 33% relative to 2015 at net negative costs to society and end-user.

The report also found that battery-electric heavy-duty vehicles may be expected to be technically feasible and close to economically feasible by 2025 for a limited number of market segments. By 2030 battery-electric HDVs are likely to be economically competitive for many types of use.