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LEAF stands for Shade

Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:58 pm

Spring has arrived to my home in Colorado with peak temperatures during the day in the low 70s F.
Data collector that I am, I've been measuring the temperature of the ground outside: grass, shaded grass, earth, shaded earth, concrete and road. The differences are already quite impressive:

Grass: 85F
Shaded grass: 57F
Shaded Earth:60F

These temperature differences are going to get even more stark as the sunshine intensity increases and I think highlight the importance of where we park our cars. I have sent a missive to our local parks dept to see if they will let me pay for or paint a couple parking spots at our Rec center, rather than park on black-top. For now my battery pack is chilling at 4 bars on the T gauge; I hope to keep it below 7 bars always and average 5 year round.
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