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Re: VDC stuck on, re-gen also suffering

Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:01 am

These just mean you need to add more air to your tires, they are under inflated:

C1704 0008 BCM Low Pressure FL WT-26
C1705 0008 BCM Low Pressure FR WT-26
C1706 0008 BCM Low Pressure RR WT-26
C1707 0008 BCM Low Pressure RL WT-26

For the rest, I would review these manual for some ideas:

  • (B2555 0009 BCM Stop Lamp Circuit SEC-69)
  • (C1A67 0109 BRAKE Stop Lamp Switch BR-98)
  • (C1A70 0109 BRAKE Brake Control System BR-160)
  • (for the other DTCs that show "BRC" in the description)

Look also at BRC-10 thru BRC-12, as there is a diagram showing the location of relevant parts. In particular, the location of the VCM, wheel sensors, control unit, etc.

FYI, all the service repair manuals seem to be available here:


As a first step, I would check that none of the cables/connectors have come loose on the key components. As mentioned earlier by another poster, it would be a good idea to check the voltage of your 12V battery as low voltage can cause a bunch of weird issues. If you have a battery charger, then trickle charge the 12V battery, clear the DTCs (using LeafSpy), then see if they reappear with the 12V battery now charged fully.
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Re: VDC stuck on, re-gen also suffering

Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:35 pm

May have to disconnect 12V battery - terminal for 5 minutes ( better : charge it while disconnected to over 12.6V using a standard 12V charger) then reinstall and clear dtc's.
At least that will fully eliminate that possibility.
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