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Re: Resale value for used LEAF w/a new battery

Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:16 pm

I'd say that for most people out there, you aren't going to get any more for it with a new battery. It's going to be for the same reason why people try to sell their used cars tricked out with various mods and what not, most of them are not going to be able to recoup the money they put into the car. Think of someone selling a used car with a new motor in it, generally the price isn't going to be affected that much. Me personally, I'd be open to paying a bit more for a car with a new battery, but not too much since used Leafs are so stupid cheap to begin with (especially ones that still have warranties) - it would just depend on what the person was asking for it. My .02

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Re: Resale value for used LEAF w/a new battery

Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:23 pm

Craigslist in Austin, TX has 2011 with 40K miles, battery 9/12 bars. Has been posted now for 23 days at $6950.

I am ready to unload my Leaf, but at with 6/12 bars at 65K miles, I don't expect to get a lot for the car. I might be lucky to get $4K. I definitely do not plan to install a new battery.

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Re: Resale value for used LEAF w/a new battery

Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:42 am

It depends on where you are, out here in Southern California, there definitely is a direct link to the price a Leaf sells for and the health of the battery.

It will also depend on the model of the car, but in general, you will always get a much better price for the 2013 models and newer since they have the 6kw chargers.

For example, with a new battery in Southern California, a 2012 will sell for around $8,000 and a comparably equipped 2013 for around $10,000. If the battery is degraded that drops significantly, for example, I bought my 2013 with 10 bars of battery for about $6,000 and last month it dropped to 8 bars, so I got a brand new battery. You won't get what you paid for the battery, if you bought it, but it will be more than what it would sell for without a new battery.

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