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Are New to Plug-In Vehicles? - Have you charged in public yet?

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:39 pm
Hello, fellow Plug-IN Vehicle owner,

Within the past 5.5 years and after speaking to thousands of Plug-IN Vehicle owners
I have established the following:

"Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines" for use with Public Charging Stations.
(otherwise, know as the EVguidelines by Sal Cameli)

Please Note:
We don’t know the level of Public EV charging knowledge of the person receiving these
Guidelines and so we need to explain every aspect. This should be a document that the
new EV owner reads before attempting to use public charging stations for the first time.
We want to prepare them for any situation. So the guidelines need to be thorough.

This attached PDF has the top 11 EV Guidelines. Please visit for the complete list.

On the website under the "PDF" tab, there are files you can download, print, trim and hand-out which will
allow you to teach Novice EV Owners some proper EV Etiquette when using charging stations in public.

Thank you,

Sal Cameli


Re: Are New to Plug-In Vehicles? - Have you charged in public yet?

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:14 pm
LeftieBiker wrote:I reported the second post in the topic. You are just a minor nuisance.

Thanks!. I'm minor because I'm running 14 companies and 37 facebook groups. Don't have time to play with you!

I'm too busy organizing 2 to 4 EV Events every week to teach the public about EVs, Like this one last night: