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2016 30kWh LeafSpy Report Comments

Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:48 am

Hi Leaf enthusiasts,

I'm looking at buying a 2016 30kWh X Leaf, imported from Japan to NZ in about April 2018.

Here is the LeafSpy Pro report taken today;
(Is there a way to attach a file here? I couldn't see one, which is why I used a link.)

The 30kWh firmware fix has not yet been installed, but the salesman says doing so should take a SoH of 84.33% up to 93.26% (i.e. 84.33 x 0.43 + 57), all other things being equal.

I'm guessing that the 20mV is the difference between the minimum and maximum cell voltages, right?

Any comments/concerns on any of the figures in the report, or anything else, especially the AHr & Hx values, which I know little about the reasonable ranges of? And what's that blue bar in the graph about?

Thanks for your time and expertise.

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