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Re: Leaf Price / Discount discussion thread

Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:26 pm

I haven't checked lately, but I'd bet I'd still be quoted a $400 a month lease for an SV up here, because they don't have any in stock to get rid of.
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Re: Leaf Price / Discount discussion thread

Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:07 am

LeftieBiker wrote:I haven't checked lately, but I'd bet I'd still be quoted a $400 a month lease for an SV up here, because they don't have any in stock to get rid of.

Wow! guessing there is not much movement there? :o
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Re: Leaf Price / Discount discussion thread

Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:39 pm

Following up on SF bay area lease deals -

Sunday we leased a 2017 SV for 36 months, including 15,000 miles/ year for $2400 down and $180.74/month. Numbers include our 8.0% tax.
I initially set the deal up with Richard Sam, Internet sales manager at the Autocom Oakland Nissan dealer. On Sunday Richard handed us off to Ray Abad. We were treated well by both. I talked to a number of other dealers who could not or would not match the deal. I was hoping a closer dealer could save us the 100 mile round trip to Oakland but they did not.

The deal relied on a VPP incentive as part of the capitalized cost reduction. I don't know what portion of the cap reduction was VPP, but the total reduction was $11,470 off the agreed value.

disposition fee - 395
residual value - 10,353

Window sticker showed:
MSRP - $34,200
Options - $ 635
Dest. - $ 865

total - $35,700

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Re: Leaf Price / Discount discussion thread

Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:54 pm

Kenric wrote:
DuncanCunningham wrote:
Kenric wrote:Anyone had any luck negotiating a buy out price in Austin? Town North leased me a 2013 four years ago, extended my lease twice. Told them this time I was either buying it or terminating my lease and they gave me a buy out price of 20k. It is my residual since I had a really low payment, but no way I am paying $20k for a car that sells for $8k. Going to contact some other Nissan dealerships, but not holding out much hope. Is there something else I should be asking for?

Thanks for any help

Do you have a login to the Nissan website? The one where it shows your previous payments and displays a balance. Does it show $20,000?

Yes, the $19+ is my residual on the finance website. Not offering any discount to it.

Just going to follow up this post, in case someone else has similar issues. Turns out I wasn't talking to the correct person at Town North, the lease specialist contacted me and got me the correct pricing. I like my Leaf so I purchased it for $6k with ttl. Probably not the best deal, but it still works for me.


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Re: Leaf Price / Discount discussion thread

Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:47 pm

kawan999 wrote:
bpodbielski wrote:As someone who has been watching this board since I bought my Leaf, I wanted to pass along what I was able to do at my end of lease purchase.

So, I just bought my 2014 at the end of lease....

Buyout: $12k
Remaining Balance: $13.5k

Purchase Price: $5.5k

Location: Nissan Union City in Union City, GA

Hi Bpodbielski,
I have 2014 leaf S without QC. I leased for 36 months at $230, no down. Residual at $12100. Lease will end in June 2017.

Thinking of buying out. How did you get the purchase price of $5500?, yours has QC, does it mean I can get a better purchase price? Do I have to pay for remaining 4 months lease payment if I buy out? Can I do the buy out at your dealer? I called NMAC today, I was told to deal with dealer, NMAC no longer offer any discount , is this true?

The dealership where I leased my 2014 S offer me to take a new lease of a NEW 2015 SL with premium package. Yes 2015. It seems this is the last one in the lot. Should I lease this instead? According to the salesman, it is a 30KW battery pack. Does anyone know if 2015 offer 30kw battery pack? What would be a good lease price? I don't mind to lease it if it is very low lease price and really a 30kw pack. Any recommendation?

@kawan999 I called around to a number of dealerships in my area. I live in Alabama right now and all of the local dealerships wanted me to buy a new one and never told me about the offer. I called three different dealerships in the Atlanta area and took the best offer of them.
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