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Re: Excessive wear bill from Nissan (any recourse?)

Fri May 04, 2018 6:12 am

I had exact same thing happen to me on lease inspection actually not done at dealership. I went in to verify a true good to be true email offer (that was in fact too good to be true) and ended up leasing another LEAF anyway (still a great deal) so they did a once over pointing out a few things that the inspector would flag as "unbillable damage" which BTW is clearly outlined on NMAC site. the parameters are VERY accommodating to the lessee.

A few months later I get bill from NMAC that charged me for gouge on back bumper ( I did it unloading bike) which I knew about but also for a windshield replacement for a sprite the size of a dime. I disputed it and had the fees removed.

Call them. Its by far the most effective way to deal with them.
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