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Re: 2920 Leafs in stock

Thu Dec 01, 2016 3:16 pm

sendler2112 wrote:So it appears the the current lease deal is moving some Leafs as the 4 that were within 150 miles of me have sold this month. t's interesting that Nissan's web site has taken down all reference to the the existance of any 2016's and any mention of the still current incentives. Now they only show links to build a 2017 and there are no incentives showing so the "build and price" tools show a monthly payment of $750. Good luck with that one.
It looks like the better option for me will be to look for an off lease 2013. The used car lots have grabed these and are offering them for $8,500 to 10,500. $2014's will be even more plentiful going into next year driving the price down further.

contact your local dealer. most probably still have 2016's in stock and they are still selling for a very good price.
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Re: 2920 Leafs in stock

Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:20 pm

Nissan took away all of the access on the locator to look for a 2016. But I did take a phone survey of the 4 closest dealers that I know had one each and they were all sold since the time that I started this thread. Which is ok because there is also a glut of lease returns coming back which has driven the auction price down so far that Craigslist and ebay used car lots have a steady supply at $10,500 for a 2013 SL and $9,000 for an SV. 2014 was the high water mark for Leaf sales (and leases) so we may see even lower used car pricing on those when they start coming in early next year.

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