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Re: Used 2015 vs 2016?

Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:55 pm

leaftryer wrote:I don't like black leather seats in the summer.

I'm with you, when it comes to leather: I'm looking for a leaf with heat-pump, quick-charge, but I don't like leather in the summer or winter. I've been looking for a white 2013/2014 SV with LED/QC. Unfortunately, the selection is pretty slim. OTOH, there are many white SLs to choose from. I've wondered if I should just get an SL and sew covers for the seats?

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Re: Used 2015 vs 2016?

Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:20 pm

A few thoughts:

2016 SV may not have auto headlights, but it still has the auto-off "battery saver" timer that shuts off the lights about 45 seconds or so after you turn off the car. It will briefly chime as you exit the vehicle. They will turn back on after you restart the car.

Our two 2016 SVs are holding steady at about 93% SOH and 5000 each miles since purchase some 14 months ago. Real world range is about 100 miles highway and 130 miles city. One car has seen 100F+ battery temps and the other has not. Same SOH for now.

We are in the PNW. As always: YMMV.
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