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Re: Challenges in getting a LEAF - looking for help!

Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:25 pm

Well, to push the 200 mile barrier, they will need the 60 kWh battery. So I guess they haven't outright stated the battery size but deducing from the range, one would think that at least one LEAF model would have the large 60 kWh battery.

From reading articles however it sounds like there would still be an entry level LEAF with a 40 kWh battery as you mention. ... september/ ... -old-leaf/

Will be interesting to see though, I think it's worth waiting for, it is in fact only a month away...

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Re: Challenges in getting a LEAF - looking for help!

Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:23 pm

Multiple battery sizes makes sense. Not everybody needs 200+ miles of range on a charge and/or can afford a battery that big, but are still willing to go electric. I would even suggest that Nissan keep its current 30 kWH battery for a base (say, under $25k before incentives) model with few frills. Perhaps they can even continue produce the old Leaf with this size battery to address this market (Nissan's done it before with the Rogue Select, and GM likes to do this as well albeit they tend to sell these models to rental fleets only).
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