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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:41 am

JeremyW wrote:A cool document from the CAISO on updating the time of use periods can be found here.

SDG&E switched to basically these TOU periods in December. It's doubled the amount of money I now pay for electricity annually.

Definitely need to do more analysis if battery storage makes sense, but my initially calculations only made it marginal at best at current rates, but that probably means that it will be a no-brainer 5 years from now with the way rates are going.
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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:21 am

We switched to a TOU program two months ago. Our bill is now a third of what it was. the winter we live in our motorhome on our property in Palm Springs. At 8 o;clock we switch the coach to battery and let the inverters do the work. At 10 at night we switch it back. Went from a 115 dollar per month bill to 36. We have 800 watts of solar on the roof. Works well. Kinda like a power wall but not. 8 x 6 volt batteries.
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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:33 am

I was able to find a SCE Rate Comparison Tool mentioned by Boomer23 at breakfast last Saturday. It supposedly allows you to evaluate and compare several of the new and old TOU rates against your actual usage for the previous 12 months. Of course if you are contemplating adding solar or another EV, this evaluation will be flawed, but if your usage is stable, it should help a lot.

There are several paths on the web site to this tool. One is: home (residential) -> rates are changing -> learn more -> Residential Rate Plans -> Rate Comparison Tool.

I say "supposedly" because I could not run the tool. It requires a customer account of the form: 3-###-####-##. My customer account has the form: 2-##-###-####, so the tool rejects it. Is this because I am already on TOU-D-A ? I believe others on this thread also have TOU-D-A. Do you also have a 2-## account ?

I am overwhelmed with all the TOU choices, but some of them can be eliminated right away if you have solar, because they price daytime at Off-peak or Super Off peak (TOU-D-4-9PM, TOU-D-5-8PM).
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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:06 pm

When I was sizing my solar system I had to write a little program that could crunch my hourly usage data from SCE for the last 12 months against estimated solar hourly production for a year from the pvwatts estimator. I could plug-in different TOU schedules to get an idea how things would work out.
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