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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:25 pm

We all have our stories of disappointing SCE policy, but I occasionally find examples from other states that show we should be grateful for the policies in place in CA, imperfect as they are.

From TN:



Net metering is allowed in 36 states. It is not an option for the 9 million people served by TVA.

The reason offered by the nation’s largest public power utility is that net metering is not allowed by the law that created TVA. The utility generates electricity and sells it to 155 local power companies (LPCs). The LPCs create and maintain the distribution system and sell the power they bought from TVA to us. The contractual arrangement with TVA is a “buy all, sell all” whereby the LPCs can purchase electricity only from TVA. This effectively forbids net metering, because TVA interprets that as the LPC buying power from the owner of the PV array.

Thus, any grid-tied solar system within the TVA region must have dual metering, one to measure power coming off the grid, another to measure power going to the grid. The arrangement with TVA is likewise “buy all, sell all” in that you have no choice but to sell all the power you generate to TVA, then you buy back whatever you actually consume. If you are able to get in under TVA’s “cap” for its Green Power Providers incentives program, you will be paid the retail rate for the power you generate. All others are paid the lower wholesale rate. Everyone pays the retail rate for what they consume. So the home or business owner pays for the PV system, and TVA makes money on the power generated by it.
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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:47 pm

Well that stinks. Thanks for the info tbleakne.

Now what do you know about SCE's plans to force customers to TOU rates that Peak between 4 or 5 pm and 8 or 9 pm?

Do we get grandfathered TOU hours, for how long are we grandfathered? Can a current NEM customer who is on NEM1 select a TOU plan that has more favorable solar hours?
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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:22 pm

I might be looking at going off-grid with TVA. Some places that may not even be possible. Or everything produced would stay in my battery consumed directly.
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Re: Official Southern California Edison thread

Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:22 am

Home solar, either GT or off-grid, IMO, is rapidly becoming an economic reality:

1. Pika/SolarEdge technologies have equipment that can transition easily from grid-tied to high voltage (EV type) battery backup - emergency for now, but eventually economical for off-grid
2. EVs have the potential to become the energy storage of choice (used Leafs are currently the best/cheapest energy storage available). When 100 kWh batteries are common, consumers will have the ability to use the excess energy storage to their economic advantage.
3. V2X is the "missing link" so that consumers have the choice of what works best for them - totally off-grid or grid tied with "smart grid" and "smart charging" apps that maximize their economic return on solar - based on whatever energy contracts available in their area.
4. In Texas, the current economics of GT solar, combined with "free nights" energy provide a significant payback - not there yet, but very close. With the savings of an EV, the economics look even better.

Give it 5-10 years and we'll see - if public utilities and EV manufacturers "wrench the cog" or not.
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