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Minit / eTec Level II EVSEs

Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:33 pm

The term "Minit" appears only once on this Forum (according to the Search function), and that's from a May 23, 2010 reference to a Feb 2010 presentation.

But take a looks at this: ... ations.php

In the Level II section, notice the mention of the discontinued ICS-200B (also known as an "AVCON") from a company called EVI, which was the predecessor to Clipper Creek (still in Auburn, CA). I don't know how Minit/eTec/Clipper Creek are related nowadays. But I find the listing of old EVI products such as DS-50, DS-100 and DS-200 intriguing. It seems to imply these are CURRENT products, because of the mention of "Discontinued" on the ICS-200B.

For the un-initiated ... the AVCONs (and DS series) are based on a J1772-1996 standard and use the square-headed "claw". But electrically they are pretty much similar to the J1772-2010 standard. Just replace the cable/claw with the new Yazaki J1772 the LEAF (and others) now use. And I have some unconfirmed very recent grapevine info about DS-50 ....

So ... worth investigating further. :P Who wants to call Kevin Morrow (listed at bottom of page referenced above) in (602) area code ?
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