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Re: DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:43 am

TonyWilliams wrote:
AlanSqB wrote:Ok, I was going to ask if maybe Tony had found a way around it, but didn't want to dig for what might be proprietary info. I like the J-Wall, but I'd eventually end up converting it back anyway. Very impressive that he has access to 80 amp J1772 hardware. Not something you see anywhere else.

We don't have any issues with J-Wall. It charges every known car with J1772.

We actually build our 80 amp hardware; it's not falling off trees!!!

I'd be happy to test a prototype or production :) jdapter with a combination of a brand new HPWC (non modified) and my 2011 LEAFs .

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Re: DIY Tesla HPWC/Wall Connector Gen 2 to J1772 conversion

Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:12 am

QueenBee wrote:
I agree, I wouldn't recommend anyone doing it, I expected the wiring part to be simpler and since Tony is selling this (Though I believe he terminates a new J1772 handle on the existing cord) I figured it would work well. Yes, I am enjoying the project. The main reason for doing it is that with how affordable these are ($550) and with the federal tax credit I actually made money by selling my Clipper Creek HCS-40 and getting this.

That's exactly the plan, the original cord set is nearly all intact and will be simple to put back on.

I will be ordering his jdapter when it's released as it would have been nice to be able to test the HPWC before swapping the cord set.

I'm glad I found this thread, thanks for posting it. I'm in similar position (getting a 2012 Leaf SL to last me till my M3) and was thinking about the same cable swap... I presume you still have the modified wall connector? If so, is there any chance you could post some pics of the innards? I'm curious about the resistor-to-ground (type, location, etc). I like tinkering, and am very comfortable with electricity, but just a little jittery about frying something in the EVSE (or worse, the car...) even though 30 amps is no super-charger... Any who, any extra info/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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