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Strawberry CA EVGO station

Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:40 am

The Strawberry, CA, General Store EVGO stations sit unenergized. They have been in place for over a month.
The EVGO network is clueless as to the stations.
PG&E, on the other hand, is a clown act.
PG&E has not energized these Strawberry General Store stations for some unknown reason.
According to my sources EVGO has paid PG&E and has submitted the contract with the payment.
PG&E, that clown car operation, has stated to me that "Cal Trans has to place a pole".
Now, Cal Trans is bereft of any knowledge of the statement or the need for Cal Trans to "place a pole".
Attempts over the past 3 months to get real-world knowledge of this Strawberry General Store charging station from PG&E representatives has been less than satisfactory.
The owner of the Strawberry General Store told me that within the past few weeks "five PG&E linemen" were at his store.
Any help here from LEAF owners?

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