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First Public 175 kW Chargers (350 kW From Spring 2018) Now Open In Europe

Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:36 pm

On December 21, Allego announced the installation of Europe’s first public ultra-fast charging station in Kleinostheim near Frankfurt, Germany, just off the A3 motorway. Under the Ultra-E project a total of 21 stations will be installed throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany – right up to the Austrian border.

We initially associate ultra-fast charging with a rate of 350 kW, but it’s not in this case…or at least not yet. Allego has installed 4 EVTRONIC chargers (with CCS Combo plugs) rated at 175 kW each. The 350 kW power level (for two cars simultaneously) is to be available after an upgrade in Spring 2018. There is also a multi-standard 50 kW unit on site.

175 kW is the highest level for charging cars available publicly. Because there are four stalls, and an upcoming undefined upgrade to 350 kW, we are now looking forward to EVs that can handle such a high power rate – and are awaiting those first reports from users. . . .
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