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Re: 2018 Leaf: How to Charge to 80% Only?

Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:05 pm

LeftieBiker wrote:
I saw on youtube lately that one guy was test driving the 2018 Leaf from 100% to 0% on a road test. He got the Leaf Spy connected as well. What he found was interesting. At 100% full charge, Leaf Spy showing 38KWh, there is a 2 KWh reserved room for regen. Nissan apparently never charge the battery to full capacity. May be that is why they said 80% option is not needed.

Also interesting is that at 0% dash indication, Leaf Spy still read about 9% power left. Looks like Nissan already designed the charging unit to prolong the battery life under normal use.

Nissan has always done this, although it used to be about 95% actual SOC at 100% indicated SOC. The batteries still degraded. Let's hope that 91% actual SOC is low enough. If I get one of these Crap-Tastic cars I'll be stopping at roughly 80%.

It was actually between 97.3 - 97.7% so 2.3 - 2.7 from full. 90% is 3-4X difference.

Realize the lower the SOC, the better. The cooler the better. Temperature is going to be whatever its going to be. SOC we can control. Nissan has given us no easy options but its still doable. I did it with 110 miles of range. With 160 miles of range, it should be a piece of cake.
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