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IEVS: Beverly Hills Bans Public Charging For Plug-In Hybrids

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:31 pm
by GRA

IMO dumb, for the reason given in the article, although I can understand why they are doing so. At least half of the cars I see charging at my closest L2s are PHEVs, but then I've never seen more than 4 of the 10 stations occupied, as they're Blinks that charge $0.49/kWh. I've been meaning to ask one of the PHEV owners what their motivation is for charging there, as even with the recent rise in California gas prices it's still cheaper to burn gas, but have yet to pass by when one of them is there. Are they motivated by ideology, have they costed things out including maintenance and figure they come out ahead, or are they just mathematically illiterate?