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Re: OpenEVSE - Open Source Charging Station

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:09 am
by davewill
drees wrote:
davewill wrote:The answers are Yes and Yes. You could definitely do this. There is a large installation in the LA area that does this with OpenEVSE based units. I tried to find a link for it, but couldn't.

Free Destination Charging: 50x L2 80A Stations @ Caltech, Pasadena, CA
There's a mix of technology used there now, not sure how much is OpenEVSE units.

Thanks for that link. It's a awesome thread that I somehow missed altogether.

Re: OpenEVSE - Open Source Charging Station

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:25 pm
by Marktm
gridstop wrote:I know the Open EVSE supports changing charging current via the serial interface (and by the UI), but can this be done in the middle of charging? Or does it have to stop and re-start?

And will the leaf respond on the fly and lower/raise current? I've been thinking about whether Open EVSE could be used to make a dual charger for a single 40A line and negotiate current between the two of them. Or possibly sharing a single 40A line with a garage heater (so when the heater is on, lower current to 14A or something).

An arduino can be programmed to send RAPI commands to the OpenEVSE (OE) based on measured currents with a Hall effect or clamp ammeter on the system that you want to control. The Leaf's system will definitely allow on the fly changes of the amp settings of the OE. I measure both voltages and amps of my solar system, then set the OE's amperes based on the calculated solar production (by the arduino).