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Re: Normal Temp Bars Level on Gen 1 Leaf

Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:53 pm

cwerdna wrote:
LeftieBiker wrote:The only thing you can do about that is keep the car in a cool garage.

At night time, the outside air temp is much cooler than my garage. It's better for me to leave it outside for many hours before driving it in or outside overnight before it gets hot out.

I understand that, which is why I wrote "cool garage." I wasn't implying that all garages are cool, but that a cool one is better when the outside is hot. I've done two things to cool my garage over the years. (It sits on a big slab of concrete, and is partially shaded by trees, which helps a lot.) First I installed a widow fan on a timer in the East window, with a plain screen in the other (South) window. The fan ran from about midnight to 6:00am, and helped keep the garage cool. Then, when I got the 2018 Leaf, I installed an old A/C unit in the window that had the fan, and have that running 4 hours a night, 2:00am to 6:00am, unless I turn the unit off. My garage temp is generally from 62F to 72F, which I think you'll agree is a good temp for storing a Leaf. Now for the important part:

In hot weather, I keep the Leaf in the garage in the daytime as well, taking it out only as needed. I've written elsewhere that this works well for me because I'm retired and don't drive a lot, but a similar situation can work for other people, provided they don't have to park the car all day in sweltering temps. Those people should consider a Bolt.
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Re: Normal Temp Bars Level on Gen 1 Leaf

Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:20 pm

cwerdna wrote:OP, the battery temp display has huge overlapping ranges and a lack of granularity besides being altered/corrected by some mystery black box algorithm: http://www.electricvehiclewiki.com/Batt ... ture_Gauge. You'll need tools like Leaf Spy to see what the temp sensors actually report.

Also, regarding the crappy temp bars, I wrote about at a bunch of times before like at viewtopic.php?p=528265#p528265.

Today I left home in the evening with 6 temp bars. I don't recall the battery temps but I think the average sensor value was in the high 70F range (like 77+ F). I later noticed I'd dropped to 5 bars and IIRC, the average sensor value was ~76.x F. I pulled up to my driveway with average sensor value at 76.4 F.

This was all with SoC % (per dash display) below 60%.

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