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Re: The official "I got my Leaf" thread

Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:46 am

Leased a 2017 S w/ Charge Package, floor/cargo mats, and cargo cover.

VPP: Yes
Term/Mileage: 36 months, 12k/year
State : CA
Leaf Trim, options : S w/ Charge Package, floor/cargo mats, and cargo cover.
MSRP : $33,815
Down payment : $2000 drive off (includes tax, title, first mo payment, etc)
Monthly payment : $99 + tax
Residual: $9,130

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Re: The official "I got my Leaf" thread

Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:26 pm

Holy crud! That is a good deal.
What dealer? Who did you work with?
Lemme guess- Dublin Nissan?
Please tell us.
thank you.

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Re: The official "I got my Leaf" thread

Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:38 am

I purchased a 2013 SL last week. 15,500 miles, 12 capacity bars, manufactured in August, lived out its initial lease in Massachusetts. No Premium package, but it's super nice!

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Re: The official "I got my Leaf" thread

Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:44 am

Bought a 2014 S with charge package. 14,400 miles, 12 bars, and around 88% remaining capacity according to leaf spy.

Really surprised by how much I enjoy driving it. This isn't advertised enough. Reminds me of a civic, only quieter. Only car of similar size that I enjoyed driving more was a jetta turbo.

I have a 42 mile daily commute and free charging at work. It's perfect for me.

Only problem is my wife now likes it too!!!

Personally, I think the used market is what's going to take the EV market mainstream. The math on a <$10k car that doesn't need gas or fluid maintenance is pretty compelling. Everyone in my office is now scouring autotrader every day contemplating a new leaf. Once people start realizing how nice the ride is, and get over their range anxiety it will take off.

I'm also not worried about capacity degradation. The '11s and '12s got the shaft, but I don't think it will be unreasonable to pay $3K-4K (optimistically assuming the cost of replacement comes down in the next 3 years) for a new battery. It's not the same as replacing an engine on a gasser. The thermal expansion and contraction on a normal combustion engine means the fits will always be less than ideal, resulting in fatigue, premature wear, stress on other components, engine noise, etc... With the leaf, you replace the battery and the car runs perfectly. The '11s and '12s still ride like brand new in spite of the battery issues. Replace their batteries with a lizard battery and you have a car that runs like it did the day you bought it. What other 7 year old car can you say that about?

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