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2018 Leaf SV

Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:12 pm

Leaf SV

Black Leaf SV no options
Edited this to reflect a renegotiation to a better price.

MSRP $33850
Dealer discount $4186
Lease rebate state and Nissan $12000
Total lease payments 36 months $10268
Residual $11160

Total price $21428 includes taxes and fees

There will be taxes at the residual purchase and probably a fee, but I’m happy with the price.

Nissan dealer in CO

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Re: The official "I got my Leaf" thread

Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:45 pm

Posting my purchase experience for my 2nd LEAF.

2018 Leaf SV with Tech Package + All Weather package - White Dual tone paint, ProPilot
Got it from Raceway Nissan in Riverside, CA

Sticker MSRP $37,500
Total Discounts $7,860
- Dealer discount $4,860
- Nissan Loyalty $1,000
- Nissan Grad Cash $1,000
- NMAC Cash for Financing $1,000 -
- 0% financing for 60 months

Pre-Fed/State Rebates Total Cost $29,640

I'm eligible for $7,500 Federal Rebate and CA State EV Rebate $2,500 which brings the effective cost to $19,640

Taxes, Registration, Fees $3,150

Had a 2016 Leaf SL Premium 34,000 miles (on a LEASE with 8 months left with payoff at $15,200) to Trade in and got a Trade-in of $13,500 (Carmax had appraised at $11,200)

I guess the Dealer wanted to get it off their lot. Couldn't refuse the great discount offer and Trade in price offered. I was in double mind if I wanted to wait for the improved longer range 2019 one . But this deal sealed it. Gets me a new HOV sticker. I have an 80 mile daily commute and I don't think I'm going to run out of juice even after several years of battery degradation.

Quite happy with the ProPilot assist.

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