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Re: Lizard Pack NOT Holding Up

Sun May 22, 2016 7:43 am

Nubo wrote:
Thanks. You might want to edit your initial post to reflect that because I was scratching my head for 6 pages wondering what kind of driving patterns we were talking about ;)

I blogged about experimenting with the battery numbers and explained what I did and it at first it seemed as if exercising the battery made it stronger because all I was doing is driving to near its capacity daily and simply recharging it for the next day.

But any time I skipped a day of charging or simply did not drive much, the numbers nose-dived so I then thought that maybe the BMS was recognizing driving patterns and merely allowed more access to the pack to accommodate.

but I think the real mechanism that is going on is simply a better balanced pack. For a few years, I took a delta of 50 mV to be pretty good and it wasn't until someone mentioned it that I started to monitor the deltas at various SOCs and found that my higher numbers very closely correlated to the balance of the pack in the lower ranges. Although top end balancing is important, the real differences in the cells begin to widen as the SOC drops. It was pretty normal for me to see deltas os 300-400 mV when SOC was low especially at or near VLB.

But when my battery stats were artificially raised to over 95% of new batt stats, the delta even at low SOCs were cut rather dramatically
pack balance at 26% SOC small.jpg
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Re: Lizard Pack NOT Holding Up

Mon May 23, 2016 5:45 am

mwalsh wrote:
mwalsh wrote:12/30/15: AHr=63.80 CAP=97.26% Hlth/Hx=100.00% Gids=277. Mileage: 56,588
1/24/16: AHr=63.53 CAP=96.85% Hlth/Hx=95.57% Gids=278. Mileage: 56,886
2/22/16: AHr=62.55 CAP=95.35% Hlth/Hx=93.99% SOH=98% Gids=273. Mileage: 57,363
3/19/16: AHr=62.92 CAP=95.91% Hlth/Hx=94.76% SOH=98% Gids=278. Mileage: 57,841
4/22/16: AHr=62.09 CAP=94.65% Hlth/Hx=93.26% SOH=97% Gids=274. Mileage: 58,295
4/30/16: AHr=63.91 CAP=97.43% Hlth/Hx=96.14% SOH=100% Gids=282. Mileage: 58,784

5/20/16: AHr=66.14 CAP=100.83% Hlth/Hx=98.82% SOH=100% Gids=283. Mileage: 59,457

Look at that jump in AHr!

Changing thread title to "Lizard Pack Will Hold Up IF Your Driving Patterns Support It"

I have had very similar results as mwalsh on my 2015 S.

When i purchased my 2015 S in November 2015 it had been testdriven about 10 times and had 22 miles on it with a manufacture date of December 2014. Leafspy told me the had 98% SOH and 61.53 ahr on the date of purchase. Seemed reasonable compared to what I had read on the forum given that the car had sat for almost a year much of it through a hot Virginia summer.

Having now driven it for 6 months, put over 7000 miles on it, L2 charged about 200 times, and QC'd about 40 times it now shows 100% SOH and 63.16 aHr. By all measures (according to leafspy) my battery has gotten better with regular use and daily charging to 100%.
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Re: Lizard Pack Will Hold Up IF Your Driving Patterns Support It

Fri Jan 05, 2018 8:47 pm

1/4/2018 - 2015 Leaf SL - 24,881 miles - Pacific Northwest

At 100% Charge:

aHr: 64.38
SOH: 103.67%
Hx: 104.54%
GIDs: 292

I've only had the car few months and just started using Leafspy Pro a week ago. Bought the car as a lease turn in. Either I'm reading the app wrong or the battery seems to be holding up exceptionally well. Charge mostly with L1 to 100% nightly, 29 total QC's.
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Re: Lizard Pack Will Hold Up IF Your Driving Patterns Support It

Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:50 pm

^^ That is awesome.
Nissan should spend a lot of money to buy your car back and figure out what they did right.
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Re: Lizard Pack Will Hold Up IF Your Driving Patterns Support It

Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:13 am

Attached chart of ahr vrs date is my new "Lizard" pack replaced under warranty Nov. 2016. Ahr readings of first few months somewhat erratic, but has since stabilized with I'd consider quite rapid degradation. Pack has a series of several cells that are consistently 25-40 mv below others in battery pack - always wondered if this was an almost defective pack that was culled out for a warranty replacement - just my paranoia?
Located in Houston, TX

Leaf battery ahr chart.jpg
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Re: Lizard Pack Will Hold Up IF Your Driving Patterns Support It

Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:48 pm

You live in Texas and your degradation is par for the course. Lizard batteries do not hold up better than the original batteries in hot climates. If there is an outlier or two that show a little better, generally they will still be only 6 months better at best. Nissan has still not fixed their battery problems which translates to being our problems. A thermal management system is a must and Nissan is still not producing a Leaf that has it. Their 2018 Leaf does not have it. It remains to be seen if their 2019 Leaf will...
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Re: Lizard Pack Will Hold Up IF Your Driving Patterns Support It

Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:30 pm

I'm sad to say my 2015 Nissan Leaf lizard battery) I just bought a couple of months ago, has a 84% state of health. I finally got Leaf spy and saw thus.. It still has 12 bars though.

Doing simple linear math every 3 years is 15% . I suppose I'll get down to 8 bars maybe in 6 years from now. I was hoping to get another 8 years. It has 22,000 miles on it. I'll do about 10,000 miles a year. Suppose I should be happy with 80,000 miles before battery replacement. I may just sell this thing, before it goes till 11 bars.

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