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Re: New Pirelli Tires - Great Deal @Discount Tires Direct

Tue May 09, 2017 5:44 pm

Mileage Warranty 70,000 Miles Treadwear 700
Traction A Temperature A Speed Rating H ... 605&cs=205

Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. 205 /55 R16 91H SL BSW. $96.42 each.
TOTAL. = $385.68

Total Price: $335.68 - $60.00 (Pirelli Mail in Rebate)
FINAL TOTAL Tires only cost = $275.68. No Taxes Free Shipping

Per Tire Cost = $68.92
Installation Lifetime rotation & balancing + Tire Disposal + TPMS Rebuild+ Tax = Approx. $25.00 per Tire
Total Per Tire installed = $93.92

Total Cost for replacing 4 Tires = $375.68

Between Friday, March 10th and Monday, April 24th, 2017, receive a $60 Visa Prepaid Card delivered by mail when you purchase a set of four qualifying Pirelli Tires. ... vid=026605

Finally installed it at Americas Tire (Discount tires). Total charge $100
I saved one of the best old tire and they installed it on a Steel Rim I purchased from a Leaf owner.
The Rim was brand new as he put his own 16" wheels the day he purchased the car. He gave to me at $50. I have to say it is very light!!
So total for 4 new tires Installed $275.68 + $100 = $375.68 (Yeah I used the $60 Pirelli mail in rebate Credit Card)
New Full size Spare cost = $50 (Free installation and balancing by Americas Tire!!)
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Re: New Pirelli Tires - Great Deal @Discount Tires Direct

Wed May 17, 2017 6:26 pm

I've had these tires installed on my 2013 SL for the last few days and they are noticeably quieter, smoother, and better overall traction. Trip computer shows tiny negative effect on range but not more than 3-5 pct at most. (4.6 VS 4.4). Installed at 31,500 miles. 39 PSI.

Tire Rack: just search their site for the Nissan...2013...Leaf...and select the trim. Pirelli P7 All Season Plus that has "EcoImpact" low rolling resistance is the exact model.

Amazon: ... eason+plus

The only issue with Amazon is you will have to pay a third party to install...which appears the cheapest option is WalMart...comes out to $90+ with tax.

Tire Rack charges shipping but the installation cost they charge with local installers is lower. I also got 6 pct cashback from topcashback (doesn't work with Amazon), so I stuck with Tire Rack.

Another side note: Amazon now charges sales tax in all but a few states. Tire Rack does NOT charge sales tax if you do not live in South Carolina. Another reason to go with them.

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Re: New Pirelli Tires - Great Deal @Discount Tires Direct

Thu May 25, 2017 10:02 am

This is also a good deal: ... 605&cs=205

Yokohama AVID ENVigor 205 /55 R16 91V SL BSW
60,000 mile warranty, Low Rolling Resistance

$360 shipped - $60 MIR - $70 MIR - $60 MIR (if you choose to pay with a Discount Tire card - I have one just because they offer tire deals with it pretty frequently) - $21.60 (6% cashback through TopCashback or the CB site of your choice)= $148.40 + $60 tire change at local shop = $208 all-in for brand new LRR name-brand tires with a decent warranty

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Re: New Pirelli Tires - Great Deal @Discount Tires Direct

Thu May 25, 2017 6:15 pm

maini wrote:Sorry your link is not working... Not sure which tires you purchased. Please provide details in the text format.

The link was broken by the board inserting a referral/tracking link. Here's the original URL:
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