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Bought a 2016 SV via Internet - What can I expect?

Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:29 pm

I'm new to EVs, and after being given the runaround from BMW, Chevy, and Nissan dealers on lease options, and running the numbers on several lease/buy options, I finally decided to buy a gently used 2016 SV to get the better range and (hopefully) a car I can drive for more than 5 years. My commute is 12 miles round trip, relatively flat, and no speeds greater than 40, so the '16 SV is perfect for me.

I'm inside the beltway in Virginia. I did an exhaustive search, and found a 4,900-mile '16 SV at a non-Nissan dealer in Arizona. I wanted the light interior/forged bronze combo, and this was one of few in the country and the '16 SV with the 2nd lowest price in the country. Dealer has a stellar reputation, was extremely responsive, and willing to deal. Even with shipping, it cost me less than buying one within 500 miles of DC.

It's being shipped as we speak.

CARFAX came up clean, with 1 maintenance entry. Car was first titled in July 2016 and registered as a corporate/commercial vehicle in AZ. It has 12 bars.

The only thing that worries me is that it's spent its entire live in Arizona. What can I expect as to the climate's effect on the battery health for the past 11 months? Will degradation have set in in that short a period?

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Re: Bought a 2016 SV via Internet - What can I expect?

Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:43 pm

With a 12 mi RT commute you should be fine for at least 10 years. Enjoy!
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Re: Bought a 2016 SV via Internet - What can I expect?

Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:33 pm

Ask this question *before* you buy the car.
As it stands, you will find out when the car arrives
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Re: Bought a 2016 SV via Internet - What can I expect?

Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:56 pm

You are one of the relatively few people who won't be harmed by a Leaf with 'just barely 12 bars' if that's the case. This should be a 30kwh pack, so you should be fine for 10 years. Just try to avoid charging it while the pack is hot (7+ temp bars) when possible, and try to avoid having it sit for many hours fully charged.
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Re: Bought a 2016 SV via Internet - What can I expect?

Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:24 pm

While the car is enroute, you may want to buy an OBD II dongle and a Leaf battery measuring app such as Leaf Spy or Leaf Stat. Which one to get depends on whether you're using an Android (preferable) or iOS device. Search the forum for "LeafSpy" for suggestions.

Once you get it, get the readings and post them here.
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