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Re: Rear Headrest blind spots

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:03 am
by RonDawg
Supersleeper wrote:40lb? I removed the rear seats on my 330ci, and they were like 10lbs. And those were leather. Are you sure they weigh that much? When I found how light the rear seats were in the 330ci, I was like, his is not worth the weight savings and put them back. My spare was heavier. I can see, maybe because the leaf has folding seats. My 330ci didn’t fold down.

Another reason the Leaf's back seat is heavy is because the center seating position's shoulder belt anchors into the seat itself. So it needs to be sturdy enough to handle the forces generated by an adult seated there pulling against that belt during a crash. On some hatchback/SUV cars (Toyota Prius C for example) the center shoulder belt anchors into the roof structure of the car rather than the seat.