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Any updates on bluetooth dongles

Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:10 pm

So far, I've not been able to run my Leaf Spy Pro. There was obviously a bad batch of the KONNWEII KW902 dongle's over a certain time frame. I bought 2 at different time periods. Neither worked...I tested the resistance. One was within the Amazon return time frame. The other was not. So I have that one.

My question is if anyone has found something better? I already tried the super long one. It was a PITA!!! kept hitting my leg.
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Re: Any updates on bluetooth dongles

Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:50 pm

Why bother with the KW902?

These worked for me: viewtopic.php?p=490446#p490446.

Turbo3 recommends LElink. http://www.electricvehiclewiki.com/Leaf ... th_Scanner lists some others. viewtopic.php?f=44&t=12785 has more.

I strongly recommend you get an OBD2 extension cable (examples at http://www.electricvehiclewiki.com/Leaf ... tter_Cable) to avoid the size problem and to avoid wearing out the car’s port.

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